Welcome to our temporary website!

We are busy with buying a new farm, renovations and soon moving but I still thought I owed you all an update so here it is!

We bought a lovely farm in the Mirabel region, near Montreal, in February. We have started renovating this lovely soon-to-be 5 acre farm but it has developed into be a bit more of a challenge then we had originally planned! In fact, our house being over 150 years-old, had NO insulation whatsoever! Now, it is fully insulated. This week should be finishing off the interior walls, sanding the hardwood floors, painting, kitchen, etc… Are we there yet?

We are going to have one lovely lovely stable as well. Our horses’ new home will be setup in an old pig barn, converted into a fancy and modern stable. In the beginnings, we will have 4 14 x 14 fully rubber matted broodmare stalls, automatic waterers, lots of lights(!), a tack/feed room, an indoor wash/grooming stall with running hot and cold water, breeding stocks and so on. Paddocks will be built as soon as the ground thaws. Wood fencing it will be this time.

The biggest improvement over our previous farm is that we now have an indoor lunging ring! While it would have been nice to have a full-sized indoor arena, it wasn’t feasible just yet. An indoor lunging ring! Wow! I am excited none the less!

No pictures of anything yet, but I promise you a gallery of before and after pictures. 😉

Please check out our broodmares, a new lady will be joigning us in May and we are very excited about that too!

Also, visit our Horses for sale page. We only have an in utero foal for sale at this time but he (or she!) is worth the visit. Especially considering his sire being so Hot Hot Hot! The dam needs no introduction, she’s a premium foal producer, one after the other. A great opportunity to buy a quality foal at a fraction of the price.

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