Long time no talk?


Yes, yes… I haven’t been the best about updates lately.

Mea culpa. I won’t do it again! (Or I’ll try really hard?)

Life has been… life. Life with two young children is about as unpredictable as it gets, throw in the thrill joy pain factor of being self-employed and ta-da, you have quite an explosive cocktail.

The superb athlete that I am have managed to get injured in my sleep. I think. A whole week with a foot on ice. Ugh.

Then my eight month-old son had some new teeth to show us. 😉

Then, work finally (enter “Hallelujah” chorus!) started coming in!

Then, we got yet another evil evil cold/flu/fever/iwannadie virus.


And now? I’ve been up since 5 am because my son wanted to play. 😉 Where is he now? Sleeping of course! And now I have to work.

Anyways, all this to say, funny how when you don’t work, life finds a way to fill itself and still not much gets done!

Now, enough with my stuff, about the horses!


Our cover lady is now over 8 months along in foal to Banderas, the young up and coming stallion from Dreamscape Farm. She is doing fine and I am now starting to up her feed in order to prepare for the upcoming months of lactation.

Muscade E. M.

Muscade has been doing a whole-lot of nothing. She is coming two years old in April and as I plan hope to take her to some line shows this year for experience, I’ll have to get in gear and really get serious about getting her ready. She walks very well in-hand, but has limited experience with the bridle and with trotting in-hand. She is good condition though and has recovered nicely from her colic episode of Christmas 2011. She could use a tad more rib covering for the line show criteria, but that’s being picky. 🙂

Walkyrie E. M.

Walkyrie has been doing very well too, despite the utter ugliness of her age. She is getting some more serious prep work for line shows, she needs some serious rib covering to be anywhere near the standard. Her muscling is good though, her bum is still adorably round! (As much as anything can be adorable on a yakling). She’ll be meeting Miss Bridle very soon. In the meantime, she is being very good about in-hand work.


Éclectique has a new rider! My neighbour, also a young mother of two young ones (same age as mine!) came yesterday for a trail ride. 🙂 I am so happy he is getting to do something, plus it has given me the motivation to beg for an hour or so to ride myself. YES! Plus, I am told Mr. Coloured One needs a little reminder about “forward”. 😉


Chocolatine is… Chocolatine. The cutest thing around, my daughter has a total blast just taking her for walks around the yard. 😉 And Chocolatine loves the training sessions (for my daughter) of treat giving (for her) at the end of their little stroll. 🙂

Rendaivu, Online Horse Management Software

First of all, the online version is free. 😉 Next, I wasn’t too excited about going back since I had tried it when it first started, but I was yet again in the position where I had to find a solution to organize my horse records. Well! I am pleasantly surprised. Some of the gaps I had found were filled and so far so good. It is time consuming to enter the data on each horse for the first time, but I think it’ll work well once all is a go. I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂


Have a nice day!

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