Défi sportif 2012

Showing on the line is for some a real passion, while for me, it is an exceptional opportunity to take youngsters out and about, in a friendly atmosphere. In this respect, Muscade E. M. showed up to the local breeders’ show, the Défi sportif, to learn the ropes of a show horse.

Muscade E. M. at her first show the Défi sportif at Blainville Equestrian Park in May 2012; handled by owner & breeder, Mathilde Vincent. © Marie-Philippe Busque.

The competition improves each year and this year was no exception. Muscade E. M. behaved well and handled the pressure, the braiding, the trailering and the overnight stalling very satisfactory. Obviously, I was aiming for perfection, it was her first time out, but she made the most of it and by mid-day, she had seen it all.

Next year, same plan, but maybe with a little under saddle class to top off the experience. 🙂

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