Sandy: Making lemonade out of lemons

All is well so far here. Sandy blew through, and we have yet to receive a drop of rain.

While it certainly has been far worse for our friends down in the US eastern shore; here, Sandy just made sure we did a few things in a hurry before the winter. 😉

All the kids’ toys are picked-up, lawn furtniture and every thing that really should have been picked up a long time ago.

And… We have a new stall! Yay! I wasn’t about to take all the horses inside and leave Chocolatine outside alone to face the storm… So, I managed to go out and install a functional fourth stall. The bars aren’t installed yet, neither is the door, but all that was needed was a front wall and a stall guard to keep Chocolatine inside. Phew!

Unfortunately, I forgot to “pinch” the last ring around the plumbing for her automatic waterer, so we had to give her a bucket instead of the 99% installed automatic waterer. Argh. I need special tool for this job and it’s back at my parents’ house. Ohwell.

Here’s hoping Sandy didn’t mistreat you too badly and that it did, prompt you as well to get some important things done. 🙂

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