Year-end deals!

As the end of the year nears, I get superstitious.

I have this funny idea that how we end a year and start another one is going to influence the next. I know, it’s ridiculous! 😉

But GREAT NEWS for you! That means that I also feel motivated to end the year on a successful note as far as business is concerned so there you go:

Deals for you: let’s end this year on a positive note!

Bourgault E. M.: A premium and flashy Event/Derby prospect by Banderas, price reduced from $9,500 CDN to $8,000 CDN.

Muscade E. M.: A classic and elegant Event/Derby prospect, price reduced from $4,500 CDN to $3,000 CDN.

The best of it all? You get a special prospect at a special price. 😉 And you get to start the year with a new horse! It doesn’t get any better. 😛



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