Winter updates: pictures, riding & special pricing!

Winter has been pretty busy around here. It has been extremely cold in the past few weeks. We’re used to a real winter, but still, -40+ (in oC or oF!) is a tough one to handle. Surprisingly, water froze a bit in the barn, only to thaw within hours with horses inside, but never froze outside. Hurray!

Next, big news for this farm owner, I have decided to make the biggest boldest move ever… and I am officially an University of Montreal student! Needless to say, this breeding hiatus might be extended.

In the meantime, I have started riding my most precious broodmare, Barbarees Hill, and she has been the best horse for me I could ever hope for. That is, until I have sat on one of the youngsters. 😉 But some horses are just special, regardless. She is fantastically sensible, forward, sensitive, energetic… I still can’t get over how fantastic it feels to be riding her! She looks after me and is always happy to go. This mare is a treasure: OTTB, ex-racehorse broodmare, now GOV-approved sporthorse broodmare. She has had 7 foals in a row and now, at age 15, while she hadn’t been ridden since her days 7 years ago, she’s again, proving her worth as an immensely gentle soul.

I also too advantage of the cold days to get Bourgault E. M. all cleaned up for updated pictures! He is maturing extremely nicely; and I love to work with him. He’s the type of horse you can just let be for weeks and you pick right back up when you take him out. He is so sensible. He just went straight from the pasture to standing in the cross ties, a hind leg cocked, while I diligently pulled his mane. Good boy!

Muscade E. M. is still for sale and she hasn’t been started yet due to lack of time and the permanent skating ring that is the farm right now. Thus, I am extending her reduced price until I get more appropriate conditions (environmental and timewise) to get her trained to ride. You can take her now and start her your way. 🙂 A big puppy-type, she’s just craving attention and learning new things!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the new pictures of Bourgault!


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