Bourgault E. M.

SOLD. Congrats to El from Colorado!

As a yearling.
As a yearling.

Basic informations

2012 PREMIUM Oldenburg colt by jumping sensation Banderas out of black-type stakes placed and MMB GOV mare, Barbarees Hill. Bourgault is expected to mature to 16.2 hh.

Family history

Barbarees Hill, dam

Barbarees Hill xx (GOV MMB)
Barbarees Hill xx (GOV MMB)

Dam is a black-type stakes placed mare. She ran in 22 races over the course of three years and earned close to $110,000. She retired sound in 2003 to the breeding shed. She had her first foal in 2005. In 2012, after having had 7 foals, practically in a row, she was presented to the German Oldenburg Verband and was approved in their highest book, the Main Mare Book. She received good comments from judge Holly Simensen.

She will be brought back under saddle in 2012.

Make It Fo, half-brother

Born in 2005 by American Chance. Make It Fo ran 27 times from 2007 to 2011, which is, in itself a testament to his soundness. He retired in 2011 at age 6 with earnings over $43,000.

Weekendonthebeach, half-sister

2006 filly by Bold Executive out of Barbarees Hill. Half-sister to Muscade E. M., Walkyrie E. M. and Bourgault E. M.
2006 filly by Bold Executive out of Barbarees Hill. Half-sister to Muscade E. M., Walkyrie E. M. and Bourgault E. M.

Born in 2006, by Bold Executive. Weekendonthebeach ran 28 times from 2008 to 2011. Again, an early bloomer this time, she raced hard and sound until her retirement in 2011 at age 5 with earnings over $80,000. She started her career in Maiden Special Weight classes, usually for top maidens expected to win and move up classes quickly.

Berry Hill, half-brother

Born in 2007, by Trajectory. Berry Hill ran only 9 times from 2009 to 2010. Another to start in Maiden Special Weight, he was retired most likely for having a case of the “slows” with earnings of only $18,000.

Ring Chest, half-sister

Born in 2009, by Where’s The Ring. Ring Chest is, to the best of my knowledge, still in racing training. She started her career in 2012 and so far, has had 7 starts and over $7,500 in earnings.

Muscade E. M., half-sister

Muscade E. M. - 2010 Thoroughbred mare by Tap Day out of Barbarees Hill ($6,500 CDN in foal to Sir Wanabi)
Muscade E. M. – 2010 Thoroughbred mare by Tap Day out of Barbarees Hill

Born in 2010 by Tap Day. Muscade E. M. was born here and never raced. She is the first of Barbarees Hill’s foals to be aimed directly at a sport career. She has been shown on the line once in 2012. She is reactive, adaptable and quick through the jump chute and will start her under saddle training over the winter/spring 2013.

Walkyrie E. M., half-sister

Walkyrie E. M. as a two year-old.
Walkyrie E. M. as a two year-old.

More info.


Bourgault is a serious jumper prospect adapted to today’s more technical and fast courses, his high Thoroughbred blood and Selle-Français influences, with a touch of classic Hanoverian G-line, will provide for a reliable, and reactive jumper. His sire is known for his great temperament and his foals and his dam is the most professional, workmanlike lady ever.

Otherwise, if eventing is your thing, clearly, he also has all it takes. His movement is correct and lofty enough for dressage, yet, you won’t run out of jump either over those solid fences. Today’s high level events are often won on the dressage score, you can’t afford that rail!

Temperament & training

Bourgault is incredibly friendly and bold. Very energetic, he is light footed and athletic. He plays with his flying changes in the field, will jump anything in sight.

He leads, picks-up his feet and is good about bathing, fly spraying and fly masks, blanketing, loading and hoof trimming.



This young man by Banderas, the jumper, is, for a jumper type, really quite a good type. He could maybe look for a little more in the hindquarters so he’s not dropping off quite so quickly. Overall, he has a very good walk, he’s going to be big enough and his trot was also very good today for a jumper. They don’t have to move like dressage horses, but they have to cover ground. So and sometimes it takes them a little while to settle down, but I awarded him a Premium today. Congratulations. (Holly Simensen, GOV judge)


2012 foal | poulainXX/OX rate : 62.89% BANDERAS Old-int 180023406 2006 brown 1.68m lic: Old;Westf.;RPSI BALOU DU ROUET (BALOU DU ROUET Z) Old 333331331099/95144SWB 1999 brown 1.71m lic: Z; Old; SF; Hann; Westf.; Rheinl.; SWB;SI; Mecklenburg; Old-int ISH 1.50m ALOUBET DU ROUET SF 1989 ISH 1.60m SF – stam Baloubet de Rouet, sf 122
GEORGIA Old 1995 westf stamm 255
GRISETTE Old 330706193 1993 black GRANNUS Hann 1972 Klaseta, hannover stamm 57
POLITE LADY XX 1977 tb-1h
HIPPIC XX 1987 BRIARTIC XX 1968 am.tb-24


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