Sir Wanabi

Sir Wanabi at Dressage At Devon in 2012
Sir Wanabi at Dressage At Devon in 2012

This son of SANTORINI was the highest selling horse in the 2003 RCMP Auction. SIR WANABI is the only known SANTORINI son to stand at stud in Canada .

SIR WANABI is a very modern stallion with a light expressive movement, refinement, elegance and athleticism. But more importantly, he is incredibly level-headed, which he seems to pass on to his offspring.

In 2006, SIR WANABI was Reserve Champion at the Canadian Warmblood Performance Test in Orangeville, ON, Canada.

In 2007, successfully completed his 100 day test at Paxton Farm, Ohio, USA:

– Dressage index: 117.17
– Jumping index: 125.54
– Final score: 117.25

SIR WANABI received a perfect 10 for his character, 9 for temperament and the rest were all 8’s.
Unfortunately, he injured himself, but had completed enough days to receive a midterm score. His final score was comprised of his midterm score and the average score of the rest of the group of stallion.
SIR WANABI is already making an impact here and abroad. His foals win not only in Canada, but also in the United States.

Source: Laprise Stables


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