I endeavour to do things right, and as such, I value quality over quantity.

As such, I currently only have two offerings:

Sarpédon E. M., 2020 chestnut Hanoverian colt by Spörcken out of Hélène E. M. (Harvard/Wolkentanz II). [Click here for a video!]

Danaë E. M., 2020 chestnut Hanoverian filly by Dannebrog out of V. Pr. St. Walkyrie E. M. (Wolkentanz II/Barbrees Hill xx).

Prices start at $15,000 CDN.

For your complete peace of mind

Now, I understand buying a foal may feel daunting. As such, I offer a simple, affordable, and all-inclusive solution that will allow you to offer yourself the experience of buying and raising a future champion:

  1. Short-term, interest-free financing is possible;
  2. Vet check can be arranged at no extra cost, including trailering to nearby Vet Faculty (vet costs themselves are to be borne by the buyer);
  3. Price includes board, farrier and basic vet care until 6 months of age (weaning);
  4. Competitively priced all-inclusive (farrier + basic vet care) board is available on the purchase of my foals from age 6 months to 30 months (2 1/2 year-old);
  5. All foals will be duly inspected and registered with the Hanoveranner Verband;
  6. All foals lead, stand to be brushed, pick-up feet, load and bath upon leaving at 6 months of age;
  7. Foals boarded with me until 30 months will leave with further basic manners (appropriate to their age); and
  8. Affordable pre-backing training (i. e., lunging with sidereins + tack) is also possible.

Sounds interesting?

Contact me via e-mail (sales@equusmagnificus.ca) or phone/text (514-796-2729) for more information regarding either one of these foals and to discuss anything that can be done to help you purchase with peace of mind.

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