Allow me to introduce myself, I am Mathilde, owner of Equus Magnificus, freelance translator, mother of two and not-much-of-a-rider-right-now. 😉 I started breeding horses in 2004 with my first Arabian mare; with this mare I discovered the whole Warmblood inspection process along with the Canadian Trakehner society as well as the whole breeding process with using the Trakehner stallion Ducati. On March 1st, 2005, my first foal was born, just days before my 20th birthday. I was hooked and there was no going back. I wanted to breed to produce the type of horse that I knew I could never afford. Years went by and… Ye-ah. I would’ve afforded that horse after all, but I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of raising those foals! 😀 Despite the heartaches and financial drain from breeding, I love it. It is my passion. I don’t ride now as much as I would like, a full-time job, a farm and two very small children do take a certain amount of time in one’s day; especially if the same one wishes to sleep. 😉

Why this blog and website?

First and foremost, I have thought of creating a blog mainly for my fellow Quebec breeders and riders, en français seulement. We are a group of young (some not so young!), motivated and passionate breeders and riders in Québec; yet, it seems like the language barrier always poses its unique challenges. I thought it would be great to have a one-stop-resource with French articles. As my idea involved, and continues to, I will also be blogging in English and sharing those fantastic tidbits of information scattered through the Web. I will be focusing on the topics of young horse rearing, broodmare management, re-rider issues, horse marketing, amongst others. I will also be providing you daily with industry news and links to articles of interest. Of course, I am welcome to suggestions. 🙂 As for the website, well it shall be a showcase vehicle for my (small) breeding program. As the fillies will grow and go through Mare Performance Tests and the like; the program will expand again. In the meantime, I will be focusing on (re)becoming a good (and fit!) rider and brining along those leadline kids too. 😉

What now?

Please, start reading and enjoy and DO make suggestions and comments! A blog is just an endless list of ramblings without readers. 🙂



equus (genitive equī); msecond declension

  1. horse  [quotations ▼]
  2. steedcharger


magnificus m (feminine magnificaneuter magnificum); first/second declension

  1. greatnobledistinguishedeminentaugust
  2. splendidrichfinecostlysumptuousmagnificent

Why Equus Magnificus?

Equus Magnificus is a little part of my family history. My paternal great-grand-father was a teacher in the classical sense of the word. Ex-Air force colonel in London during WWI, he was also a rider and member of the Montreal Hunt Club. He read and spoke latin fluently. My grand-mother learned to ride as a teenager. My father and my uncle also learned to ride as teenagers at the Ranch Massawippi, near Montreal, Quebec. My parents are also freelance translators; when it came the time to name their company, they went with latin, it was universal and classical. As my time came, I was also drawn to latin. Not only was it classical and universal, but also associated to the origin of my disease (horse-passion). Then, I didn’t want to paint myself in a corner with a discipline or breed-specific names… Thus, Equus Magnificus, Magnificent Horse, dedicated to the equine athlete, without regards to its origins or discipline.



equus /ˈe.kʷus/ masculin (équivalent féminin : equa)

  1. (Zoologie)Cheval.
    • equum flectere, Horace
      faire caracoler un cheval.
  2. (Militaire)Cavalerie.
    • ad equum rescribere, César
      enrôler dans la cavalerie.
  3. (Militaire) Cheval de frise, machine de guerre semblable au bélier.



  1. Magnifique.
  2. De magnus (« grand ») et facio (« faire ») : « qui fait les choses en grand ».



  1. Hello, please let me know of any dressage oriented boarding stables near Montreal? I will be moving there this spring with 2 horses..
    Thanks very much! Also am a trainer, to GPrix.

    1. Hello!

      As far as dressage stables are concerned, you can’t go wrong with Evi Strasser’s stable in St-Adele, north of Montreal. I guess the question is how far from Montreal are you ready to drive? As well, what care level are you looking for?

      (My apologies for the delay responding, your message got lost through the spam!) 🙂


    1. Bonjour! Désolée du délai de réponse, j’ai lu votre message, puis j’ai oublié d’y répondre!

      Non, pour le le site n’est pas en français.

      Par contre, je peux répondre à toutes vos questions en français.



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